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Wine tip of the month

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Gentle, juicy fruits with refreshing texture.
Lively on the palate!


Vinobile Feldkirch
26. - 28. April 2019

Wagram Open 2019
3. Mai 2019, Pleyel-Kulturzentrum in Ruppersthal

Frühlingserwachen am Wagram
Weingut Direder, 4. & 5. Mai 2019

Wagrampräsentation - Des Grüner Veltliners Lust auf Löss
Palais Niederösterreich / Wien, 13. Mai 2019


Infos and news from the winery Direder

We like to produce hearty wines – or as we say in Austria “with plenty of lard on them”: wines with a good belly if you like. This is an Austrian expression for wines which have a particularly dense or complex taste – and an expression which is as typical for Austria as the Wagram note in our wines is for our region.